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Digital Disruptors is a new movement celebrating Accounting Tech.

Access our community and media channels to increase product awareness and grow revenue in the accounting channel.

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Providing a trusted route to market for accounting-tech

In-market community of Digital Disruptors

Access a community of decision-makers in leading digital firms throughout the UK

Trusted source of news & content for the profession

We’re the only accountant-led media provider in the UK. Our content is trusted by digital firms of all sizes.

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A range of options for all growth objectives including awareness, evaluation, and activation.

Why Digital Disruptors?

The accounting tech ecosystem has grown phenomenally over the last decade.
We’re passionate about what this can do for businesses, but accountants and business owners alike have become overwhelmed and frustrated.

They’re paralysed by choice.

Digital Disruptors was founded to combat this.

For firms, our unbiased media coverage provides an honest account of which apps work (and which don’t). Our supporting network helps you to learn how to implement these successfully.

For apps, our network represents an opportunity for your product to be vetted and presented to a large community of leading in-market digital firms.

The Digital Disruptors' Network

The channels we’re building to deliver independent accounting-tech insights, helping you to get in front of the right firms

Digi-Tools in Accrual World Podcast

Our signature podcast covers news, opinions, and commentary on the accounting-tech space. Each episode has over 3500 listens.

People Management Pre-Conference Events

The Digital Disruptors pre-conference events bring together those most influential in this space for networking in a fun setting. Account Axe is our first pre-conference event.

Systems Advisory Network

A growing community of more than 50 firms growing their Systems Advisory service lines. These members are leading the frontline of helping businesses to implement accounting tech.

The Digital Digest

A weekly 15-minute webinar sharing tips and tricks for getting the most out of apps. These live sessions will cover system comparisons to ‘did you knows’.

Digital Disruptors News

Our Digital Disruptors homepage will help our audience to cut through the noise and discover the news they need to know about the tech they use.

Digital Disruptors Awards (coming soon)

Independent, application-free awards to celebrate the individuals and software that have had the biggest impact on the accountancy and business landscape.

How to access the Digital Disruptors community

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